All participants are expected to be seated at least 10 minutes before the planned time for the plenary session to start. For details on each session see the congress programme.

Plenaries will proceed as follows:

1. Master of Ceremony introduces the Plenary Chair (not always necessary).
2. The Chair welcomes the audience and proceeds immediately to introduce the keynote speakers and all members of the plenary panel – maximum 5 minutes. Shouldn’t the Chair explain what the aim of the session is?.
3. Chair invites the keynote speaker to make his/her presentation. Where there are two speakers the timing is already shown in the programme and it should be managed as best possible.
4. Once the keynote speaker/s is/are through each of the panelists is invited to make 4 to 5 minutes commentary on the topic. They do not have to confine their comments on what was presented by the keynote speaker. Rather, they should enrich the topic – Max 20 minutes.
5. The Chair invites contributions from the audience in the form of brief comments and questions.
6. The chair invites the Keynote speakers to wrap up by responding to comments (5 minutes for each keynote speaker).
7. At the end the Chair may allow about 2 minutes for gifts to keynote speakers.
8. There may need for some time for ‘household announcements’, please ask organizers.

NOTE: It is very important that not much time is wasted in introductions or by any of the panelists or audience in their interventions. The Chair must take control and ensure efficiency in time management.

Vigyan Bhavan & Kempinski Ambience

10 - 14 February 2014 Delhi, India
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