Oral Presentation

All aspects of your presentation will be managed through the Speaker’s preparation Room by the audio-visual team.

Location of speakers’ room                <<will be conveyed>>

The sessions run in a parallel fashion. Each session runs for 90 minutes and includes up to 6 speakers @ 10 minutes (10 minutes x 6 speakers) = 60 minutes. The remaining 30 minutes are for discussion and synthesis.


A network-based presentation system has been deployed for the conference, along with a software interface that will ensure the quality of all presentations. All rooms are networked and equipped with the necessary technical requirements (presentation notebook, projection and audio facilities), and additional back-up systems.


All Speakers are advised to strictly use laptop on console OR at podium hence all presentations must reach speaker’s preview room well in advance so that presentation is available on console in time. As per conference policy, no personal laptops shall be allowed to be operated from podium/console.


Presentations should be uploaded on-site only in the speakers’ ready room via CD/DVD/Laptop/Pen Drive/Thumb Drive/external hard disk. Please bring a backup copy in case of any problems with your file.


All presentations must be in English


Make sure that you upload ALL files required to run your presentation, particularly if you are using video clips.  Video is encouraged, and can be incorporated in the presentation software, but it is reiterated that video files must be uploaded as individual files as well, as these do not get embedded into the presentation.  Please store your ppt and video files in one folder.  Please remember to embed unusual fonts if you happen to use them.


For complex presentations, special arrangements may need to be made and the speaker’s preparation room technical team will be pleased to assist you with this. Apple Mac users need not worry about compatibility issues.


Presentations will be delivered to each session hall only via a centralised and networked system, so it is ESSENTIAL that you visit the speakers’ preparation room at least four/six hours before your allocated session to upload and check your presentation. 


Identify yourself to the chairman of your session 15 minutes before the session starts. Make sure with the AV person that your presentation is in order.


Due to tight program schedules, session chairpersons have been instructed to interrupt speakers who overrun their allocated time. Please therefore ensure that you plan your communication carefully. Give crisp, clear messages in your talk. If you are interrupted, please be understanding of the requirement to keep to time. Time has been allocated in each session for questions and discussion; you will be expected to be available to participate in this discussion. You are expected to be present during the entire session.


After the conference all submitted files will be used in Congress Compendium.

Permission for video recording of your talk will be taken at the time of uploading your talk in the speakers’ ready room. If you do not wish your talk to be recorded, please make your objections clear.


Tips to make your talk a success

Material on slides must be of an adequate size to be seen clearly by all delegates.

Please note the following recommendations​

  • Each slide should contain no more than seven lines of text and no more than seven words per line.
  • Keep graphs, tables or charts simple:
  • Restrict the number of slides so that you can comfortably finish with the given time limit.
  • Slides are easier to read when there is a marked contrast between the text and the background. Highlight key points
  • Legibility check: In general, the font size used in your text should be at least 20.
  • Avoidusing sound animation in your presentation.

Please refer to your invitation letter and any later correspondence for the exact timings for your presentation.


For further guidance please contact:

Ravi Prabhu r.prabhu@cgiar.org or B. Mohan Kumar adgagroandaf@gmail.com


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