Promotion of teak under agroforestry system for enhancing rural livelihood

Promotion of teak under agroforestry system for  enhancing rural livelihood

wca2014-2117 Pramod Shukla 1,* 1Working Plan, Madhya Pradesh Forest Department, Jabalpur, India

Teak is a very valuable timber species of Central India. Due to its high demand in world trade and unsustainable supply from forests large scale teak plantations  have been taken up outside forests. To encourage plantations and their scientific management unique schemes of Lok Vaniki was adopted in Madhya Pradesh to encourage farmers and owners of trees for efficient management and marketing.

Teak has so far been the monopoly of large landholders. Its potential for small landholders as a  tree based livelihood option for the poor has recieved less attention. It can also contribute to poverty reduction and enhance livelihood in rural areas, some models of Teak plantation in the State were analysed. The paper discusses the issues relating to adoption of Teak under agroforestry by different landholders, technology packages suitable for small farmers, market access, information and viability.

The current policies, legal and regulatory framework, innovations and suitable technology are outlined.

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10 - 14 February 2014 Delhi, India